Wednesday, November 17, 2010

More Updating (and a fun matching game!)

It has been very easy for me to stop blogging.

Still, it is not something that I want to quit. As a matter of fact, I often get ideas for blog entries, but then I feel it would be strange to post them after such a gap.

So instead, what you get is a random entry every few months with an assortment of pictures to illustrate my goings-on.

I'm not feeling very writerly today, however. So let me just make a list of a few of the wonderful things I've been doing, and I'll put some pictures at the end, and this way you can have a fun game of "Match the Picture with its Caption".

So, without any more waiting...

Things Grace Has Done or Been Up To:
1. Looking for and applying for jobs and internships
2. Jury duty (one whole month)
3. Drinking lots of coffee.
4. Drinking lots of tea.
5. Biking around town.
6. Occasional trips downtown with mother or sister.
7. Attended a book release party at Tin House.
8. Seen "Gone With the Wind" at a theater in Hillsboro.
9. Gone on a few neighborhood walks.
10. Admired fall colors.
11. Had drinks at Driftwood in the Hotel deLuxe. (Hint: The hotel has a lobby)
12. Watched a Hitchcock movie and helped make & eat homemade doughnuts on Halloween (the doughnuts are tradition)
13. Read a few books (some fun, some trashy, some good)
14. Played with the kitty.
15. Watched TV ("Glee", "Psych", "The Office", "30 Rock", "Rescue Me", "Project Runway", and the new "Sherlock Holmes" series)
16. Ate out around town.
17. Caught up with visiting grandparents.
18. Voted (from home - thank you very much, Oregon vote-by-mail system)
19. Taken the MAX to the airport with my sister to pick up my Dad and visit Target on the way
20. Watched the World Series
21. Gone to Wordstock
22. Volunteered at Wordstock
23. Gone to the new Spirit of '77 Bar (to see the Rangers beat the Yankees)
24. Received my Master's diploma in the mail. In case you didn't know how to say "Book and Digital Media Studies" in Latin, that would be "studium librorum et instrumentorum communicationis numericorum".
25. Played with Microsoft Access.
26. And several other things.










Answers: a (6 and 10); b (9 and 10); c (8); d (6 and 10); e (TRICK QUESTION, just a funny Portland-y shot); f (12); g (13 and 3); h (5); i (11).